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Little Discussion with My Students

Finally, I have finished my task to supervise the final examination in my college.

Completely done! It’s feel great, really! It’s not only because I have fulfill my responsibility but I have a nice little discussion with my pupils. It’s not a special topic, but it’s become a nice topic then.

All pupils in 3rd semester who take computer programming course did their final examination in the classes except my class. Just like I had told to them in the first meeting, when we made a contract for that course, they would not do any examination just like other courses used to be. Instead of that middle and final exam I would replace both of them by two big project to create/develop a computer programming about mechanical engineering problem.

Even though we didn’t have exam we still had a meeting, one last meeting before our class dismiss. In that chance I tried to know their ideas or their opinion about all their courses in that semester, not mine only. I asked them one by one to have their ideas. Sometimes I gave them a joke to stimulate their courage to express their ideas. It was a delightful time for me to see their smile and heard their laugh.

They told me thier third semester was a bussy and hard semester because they had a lot of laboratory practice and course assignment. All of that activities got them work harder than before. All of that activities spent their time so much so they have less time to improve their knowledge. They did’nt have enaugh time to read their books, even more they didn’t have enaugh time just to hear their lecturer explained the course to them because they were bussy doing their home work or repot for their laboratory practices. I was very surprised with that, because I never thougt before.

But they passed it well and they believed with their hard work. Then, I just want to rebuild their spirits again for the next semester. We tried to remember our intend, why they choosed mechanical engineering as our higher education level? What was their interest with that field of study? What is their plan for next semester and for their future after they got their bachelor degree? How to reach that target? What kind of strategy they had prepared to face the challenges?

Oh, it was really wonderfull to know what was written in their mind. Sharing ideas and gave suggestion each other. Now I know them better, I have impressived by their thought and their mind. It will be my precious experience as a junior lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Department of ITS Surabaya that I won’t and don’t want to forget.

Thanks a lot for my pupils, may Allah bless you. Amiin


2 comments on “Little Discussion with My Students

  1. Riska
    January 28, 2007

    in my opinion facing rush activity that become part of our life is really need extra energy. Its not only spend our energy for do lot of task but also to control stressor that coming from environment around us.Based on my experience,our energy getting stronger when we recharge it with our “motivator” to built up our motivation once again..again…again..again..
    So, I think what ever that we have to face for now or in the future one thing that must be stay and getting stonger…our motivation.

  2. xxxx
    February 12, 2008

    Maaf Pak kalau bisa waktu mengajar jangan samakan kemampuan mahasiswa seperti mahasiswa yang mengulang. karena kami yang di kelas Bapak tidak semuanya mahasiswa yang mengulang, bahkan ada MABA yang belum tau apa-apa. mohon diperhatikan ya Pak& semoga masukan saya ini berguna.

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